We believe that one brilliant idea has to potential to improve a billion passenger journies. These ideas come from customers experiencing real day to day problems, frontline staff on stations, buses and trains and also smaller, leaner companies who spot the pain points and can act on them quickly. We want to work with all of these groups to help reinvent the future of transport for everyone.

This is why we’ve created The Billion Journey Project. Our aim is to work with a number of innovative tech startups and scale-ups whoes product can drive improvement across the whole multi-modal rail & bus sector and have the chance of improving a Billion passenger journies. By providing them with the expert mentoring and the support they need to implament engratiate their business into the rail & bus industry.

We are based at Huckletree West in the new space for technology and innovation in London, White City. Our eight week program will be based here on the heart of the new tech community.

Alongside the benefits you get from most scale-up accelerator programmes, we also want to introduce you to key stakeholders in the Rail & Bus industry to provide quick product validation and, access to customers and potential partnerships and a view behind the scenes of the industry.



The Billion Journey Project will have a physical home at Huckletree West London, where we’ll be basing much of our accelerator activity. We’ll be situated in the heart of the newest and brighest tech community in London.


Access to GTRs 3500 trains & data and mentorship from senior management, engineers and marketing team. Also including trips to rail depots and the chance to test real-time pilots.


Validate your product assumptions through conversations with key industry stakeholders, to get to grips with the procurement process and understand how your product would work at scale across bus and rail.


We have created an 8 week scale-up accelerator programme, complete with free office space & mentoring and events, to help develop your product to work at scale across the transport industry.


Access to Brighton & Hove’s 330 busses & data and mentorship from senior management, engineers and marketing team. Also including trips to bus depots and the chance to test real-time pilots.


During the program you will have the chance to interact and collaborate with real Go-Ahead Group customers, allowing you to see how your product can best improve their customer experience.

Who Should Apply to the program?

Innovation Co-Working Startup

We want to make sure that you are able to fully benefit from the accelerator programme. If you think you align with the Go-Ahead ambition for innovation and have a product or service you feel could enhance the passenger experience on rail and bus then we want to hear from you.

1. Established Scale-Up in the transport/mobility sector.
2. You have more than an idea; preferably initial investment and an active product.
3. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to): booking, on-board commerce, advertising, customer service, the end-to-end customer experience, CRM and loyalty, real-time communications, content, infrastructure innovation and operational efficiency.
4. Or you have a product out of category/industry that you feel could pivot to help improve passenger journeys on rail, bus or both.
5. You're a innovator with a physical product that could enhance how we run our trains and buses (efficiencies of energy consumption, logistics, etc)
6. You could benefit from partnership/distribution opportunities with Go-Ahead - you want to understand how your product could work at scale.
7. You're motivated, eager to learn and collaborate in the program.


Are there any entry criteria for the Billion Journey Project Accelerator?

The only hard criteria we have is that you must be able to live and work in the UK for the duration of the programme. However, we’d prefer you to be an early-stage startup with a minimum viable product for the transport sector or a scale-up with a product ready to pivot into the industry.

How will you evaluate the applications?

Applications will be evaluated by a panel of judges from Go-Ahead Group and Co:Cubed. They key judging criteria will be; how much the Billion Journey Project can help you, to what extent your business aligns with the challenges of the industry.

What’s the location of the Program?

The Billion Journey Project will be based at the Huckletree West co-working space in White City, London . We have a dedicated space within the building so you’ll be around like-minded businesses throughout the program.

Who is behind the Accelerator programme?

This accelerator programme is an initiative from the Go-Ahead Group, in partnership with corporate startup collaborators Co:Cubed. Co:Cubed specialise in helping corporates harness the power of the startup revolution to stay ahead of the game, working with Techstars, Founders Intelligence and CrowdCube.

What information do you need from me in my application?

We’ve tried to keep our application form down to the essentials; we just want to know a bit about who you are, what problem you are solving and how you intend to do that, and what support you think you need from the programme.

Do you take equity?

No. Participation in the programme is free for selected startups and no equity will be taken.

Is this a full-time accelerator programme?

No. Although you are welcome to use the office space 24/7, it is not a requirement. If you agree to participate in the programme, you will be asked to attend any mentoring sessions organised (approximately once per week, all pre-scheduled), take part in a weekly catch-up meeting or call, and participate in the Demo Day event. We understand that running your startup takes priority, and we’ll schedule the programme accordingly.

Who has taken part in the Billion Journey Project before?

This is a new incentive from the Go-Ahead group, however under it’s initial iteration under London Midland Labs, 21 varied start-ups and scale-ups came through 2 cohorts across 2017. Many of these have gone on to work with several Train Operating Companies and won contracts throughout the industry.


If selected, you’ll be invited to take part an exclusive 8 week programme. The accelerator will be run for 7 weeks from 11th June, followed by a break during August, with a final week on 12th September and the Demo Day on 19th September. Selected companies will be expected to attend mandatory sessions at the Huckletree West labs on the Tuesday of each programme week, with optional half-day sessions on selected Wednesdays.


May 1

Applications Open

May 24

Applications Close

Late May - Early June

Selection & On-boarding

Jun 11 - August

Program Part One Runs

August - Early September

Break For Summer Holidays

11th September

Program Part 2 Runs

19th September

Cohort 1 Demo Day


White City Place
191 Wood Lane
W12 7FP London